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Continusous professional education as an imperative of modern functional-aesthetic and regenerative gynecology

Regenerative and aesthetic medicine entered the field of gynecology almost ten years ago.

Regeneration of all parts of a woman’s genital tract – vagina, pelvic floor, vulva, endometrium and ovaries – leads to an improvement in the function of the organs, and therefore, to an improvement in the quality of a woman’s life. Aesthetics of a woman’s genitals has been a taboo for a long time, but applying well-known aesthetic procedures to this region leads not only to an aesthetic effect, but also to a better function of these organs.




The application of lasers – first Yag Er, then CO2, and then the laser diode, significantly improves the collagen structure of the vulva, periurethral tissue, vaginal skin and contributes to the mitigation or elimination of symptoms caused by vaginal dryness, hypoestrogenemia, vaginal relaxation syndrome, stress incontinence of lichen sclerosus and other.

Application of plasma rich in thrombocytes

Application of thrombocytes-rich plasma, plasma enriched with stem cells, and microparticles of adipose tissue as an autologous graft can be used as independent techniques or in combination with the laser.

Application of hyaluronic acid

In order to enhance the tissue structure and improve anatomical articulations to a certain extent, the latest techniques of application of hyaluronic acid, resorbable threads and Botulinum toxin, as well as the application of collagen, have greatly contributed to the variety of methods, but also to the solution of more severe forms of dyspareunia and vulvodynia.

In addition to the methods mentioned, there are operative techniques that are conducted in the “office” environment, such as labiaplasty and fat transfer methods. 

All the methods mentioned are non-invasive or minimally invasive. They do not require any abstinence from daily routine duties and sexual activities. The quality of a woman’s sexual life is significantly improved by these methods, which has been confirmed by numerous scientific and professional articles. All the methods mentioned are conducted in ambulatory conditions, only local anesthetics are used for pain relief, and the duration of the intervention is measured in minutes.

Hormone therapy and application of bioidentical hormones

Application of endogenous anti-aging factors such as hormones, especially bioidentical hormones, are sometimes sufficient to improve a woman’s sexual life, but also the quality of general life functions such as memory, emotional balance, better sleep, easier and better social interaction.


The use of vitamins and supplements of the latest generation, such as NAC, NAD, CoQ10, resveratrol, quercentin and the like, has a significant regenerative-aesthetic effect.

All the methods mentioned have been thoroughly researched, studied at congresses and courses around the world by the U.E.R.G association doctors, and they have been conducting these procedures very successfully for years. Numerous patients have been a proof of this fact, as well as the reputation of our doctors’ practices. Our doctors are ready to share their knowledge and experience with all colleagues interested in improving their services and increasing the efficiency in solving the current challenges being faced with, through courses, symposiums, seminars, professional meetings that will be held face-to-face or online. We organize hands-on courses and presentations online or in person. We stay in touch in order to support and help each other, all with the aim of ameliorating the health and life quality of our patients.

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